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Wednesday, October 27, 2010


 I would love to introduce you to a sweet little girl that has come to live in the pasture.
Her name is Bessie~Dearest. 

 My son, Tristan, got her for me.
In early August, he came home one evening a little later than usual. 
When he came in he said, "Mom, come out here."
Of course my antenna went up immediately!
When I came out, he had the front door of his truck open,
and lying on the floorboard was this little bundle of life!

She is 3/4 Jersey, and 1/4 Holstein.
She's less that a week old in these pictures.
Isn't she precious?

 She has been taking two bottles a day and gets really excited when I appear with her "eats".

 Baby animals, like calves, box as they nurse to cause the milk to come down.
Bessie~Dearest can knock the bottle out of your hand if you don't anticipate it and get yourself braced. 
She is quite powerful, even at such a young age.

 Lila is such a mother to the animals~if they will let her.
Here, she is eaten up with curiosity at this new critter, and is actually licking the milk off her face.

This is not just a calf; this is our future milk supply!
THIS is Bessie~Dearest!

Thank you for visiting!  I love to have you!


Terry said...

Hi Sharon

I love your pictures, and your Bessie~Dearest she is so so cute.
That was so sweet of your son.

Homeschooling Farm

Susie said...

I am enjoying your site. I noticed that this was posted in October. Am I missing the newer ones some how? Do you allow anyone to save your pictures and clipart? The pictures of your farm and family are so good. Thank you! Susan