Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Summer Garden

This spring, my husband and I decided we were going to try a "no-till" method on our large summer vegetable garden.  We watched a video called "Back To Eden" and were pretty amazed!
We decided not to plow or till.  He would only mow the cover crop and any grass that was there.  Then he started making trips to the dump to get trailer-full after trailer-full of this wonderful stuff!  I believe her got at lest 6-7 loads and started spreading.

After planting my seedlings which I had started earlier, we put them in the ground and gave them some water.  Nothing much else.
Here is what it looks like today.

We've actually had a hot, dry summer so far, with some rain last week.

Lots and lots of blossoms on the squash.

Patty-pan squash can be eaten as summer squash, or later left on the plant to get big for use as winter squash.

Notice the nice, soft, CLEAN, squishy bed that squash lays on!  

I have yet so see any squash bugs.  That doesn't mean I won't.

My husband has weeded twice.  Each time it took no more that 10 minutes.  Really!  Did I mention we haven't watered? 

See the video here.

The tomato plants look very good, although they have some sort of a leaf curl.  It doesn't seem to have much affect on them, although they are not as pretty.  There is just a tiny bit of blossom end rot on the tomato I picked this morning.  The rest of them look great!
We haven't put any green beans in the ground yet.  Maybe there will be time for a fall crop.  We got it all in very, very late.

I hope you will see the video.  It takes over an hour to view it all, but you will be pretty amazed!  

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