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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Going Into Town

One year ago, September first, the Lord fulfilled a dream we had for
many, many years. We moved to the country! He gave us 21 acres and an interesting old house. Ahhhh, country life ~ there's nothing at all like it. We marvel at his goodness to us.
Today, being town day, I decided to make a little stop at the home of my dear "Friend". I took this basket of "fresh from the garden" vegetables to her, expecting her to use it in her delicious Cuban cooking! She may have to get pretty creative with the cucumbers!
I've found a way to freeze squash so that it doesn't end up all mushy.
After washing and slicing your squash, lay on cookie sheets, or cake pans, or even single layer in a zip-lock bag. Turn your freezer down REAL low, and place your squash in the lowest level of your freezer. After it is frozen solid, you may break apart and put into freezer bags. Then do it again, until you have your bag full.
I hope it may work for you!

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