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Friday, November 30, 2007

Study in White: The Chemise

This is the chemise I made to go with the pink jumper from another post. It is one of the most comfortable pieces of clothing I own.

A chemise is a shirt like garment historically worn under an outer garment. It was worn next to the skin to protect the clothing from body oils and perspiration.
I used Jennie Chancey's pattern which Simplicity printed. I made some rather major changes to her pattern, as you see.

The neckline on the pattern is for a drawstring, thus it had a lot of fullness through the bodice. Instead I used the chemisette view D and made more of a blouse ~ actually a VERY long blouse! It is intended to do double duty as a blouse and slip combination.

I love the underarm gusset!

It is made of 100% cotton sateen purchased at Hancock's fabrics. It is soft enough to make baby clothing! It feels like pure luxury to wear. At $4.49 per yard, it is a great value, in my opinion. And it now comes in many different colors!

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