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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Sewing Up A Storm!

It is John-John time around here!For the last few weeks, I have been cutting and sewing sweet little-boy long-alls.

There are 76 pair in all!
Fortunately, there have been two other pair of helping hands to make the work load lighter, and much more pleasant.

Each of us has been responsible to sew all of one size. It saves lots of time to sew assembly-line fashion rather that constructing one garment at a time.

The young ladies are very neat in there work.

Here is Thelma. She taught herself how to sew and does not sew with a pattern!
My Grandmother always made her own patterns also; she simply drew the shape out on paper and it somehow worked! I still have a couple of doll dresses she made for my "Amy".
Thelma has much natural sewing ability. She is very neat in her work.
She is also a great pleasure to share my sewing room with!

My dear Ashley is my other set of helping hands. She keeps me laughing. Sometimes she just keeps me in order!
For a person with an historically low tolerance to fabric shopping and sewing, she has shown herself a worthy participant in this extravaganza! She tackled the largest number of John-Johns and has shown herself desirous and capable of enlarging her repertoire of sewing skills.
(I think she secretly would prefer working in her garden, though!)

Mama's Little Sweet-Pea is discovering the possibilities of scissors, fabric and thread.

Of course, there is always time for a tea party! Ashley took the time to show Hamlin the pleasure of tea-time. Notice Green Bear in the little high chair. He is "special".

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Paula said...

Dear Sharon,

What a delightful post! Your sewing room is so pretty, and so are your two helpers!!! It is wonderful that Thelma taught herself to sew and can sew without patterns! Though Ashley may prefer her garden, she sounds like a wonderful seamstress!

Sawyer is just adorable, just look at that serious face whilst he is cutting the fabric. He is so sweet having tea with his special green bear. Children are a precious gift from God.

Bless you dear friend,