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Friday, August 8, 2008

Welcome to the Back Porch!

As you know, we live way out in the middle of rural South Carolina. I am so glad that you can visit me here by way of the web.

I often think of the women who helped their husband carve homesteads out of this land of America. They lived isolated and often lonely lives. There was always plenty of work that wore many of them down to shortened lives. They would have gladly welcomed just a glimpse of another woman, and would have thrilled to think of a visit. How fortunate we are to have one another.

I got these Morning Glories in the ground rather late in the spring . . .

Grandpa Ott's

. . .but they seem determined to take over! I think they grow about 8 inches a day! You dare not sit still to long on the steps, as one just might GET YOU!

Do you see the watermelon just beneath the porch? It's a volunteer! I've been faithful to water it.

When Dave and I were first married, we lived in a big old foursquare with a wrap-around porch! Morning glories crawled all over the side yard. I thought they were beautiful ~ as was everything~ I was so happy to be married to my Prince . . .

Heavenly Blue

So these flowers hold a special place in my heart.

Flying Saucer

These are all from a mix called "Something Old Something New" .

From Botanical Interests.

What a marvel that anything grows in 100+ temperatures with very little water!


Anonymous said...

SO beautiful! Thank you for sharing...I live in the middle of the countryside in North Scotland so I appreciate my blog friends too! I think it's great that you have a watermelon growing! I can't imagine such hot temperatures!

love, Tina :)

Paula said...

Dear Sharon,

I enjoyed this post so much! Your back porch is so lovely! I love Morning Glories, and the Granpa Ott's have taken over our fence! Thank you for sharing the name of the seeds you purchased, as I love the other ones too. Oh yes, they will get you! What sweet memories you shared of when you and Dave were first married. How wonderful that these Morning Glories remind you of that time.

I am so happy a watermelon volunteered to grow beneath your porch!

I enjoyed my "visit" with you there at your lovely homestead. I do so admire those homesteading women! Yes we are very fortunate to have one another.

All your flowers are so pretty!
Love you,

Sarah said...

I enjoyed my 'visit'! :) That is a beautiful porch and lovely flowers! Very welcoming. :) Thank you for sharing!

Mrs. Maybrook said...

Aren't we so blessed to have the ability to "visit"? Even though I live in a suburb teeming with people, life is so very lonely at times. Especially when it comes to visiting with kindred keeper of the home spirits. Thank you for sharing the lovely memories and pictures.

Anonymous said...

Oh the porch and all the flowers and so on are just beautiful! Thank you for sharing your photos and a piece of your life!

Marqueta said...

Dear Sharon,

What a lovely visit to your home, and how blessed to have a porch! I think it would be our summer living room if we had one!
What a blessing indeed it is to be able to "meet" kindred spirits that are so far away, but feel so close.
Truly we live in a wonderful age.



Anonymous said...

Lovely website. I too live in rural South Carolina - in the Low Country - Jasper County. Where exactly are you?