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Saturday, October 4, 2008

A Bit of Catching Up ? ? ?

Dear friends, it has been way too long between posts. It just became necessary to take time off in order to get quite a number of projects completed and done. I thank you for your patience. I hope to catch you up on the "doings" around our home.

It's always enjoyable to tell about the wonderful package that arrived in the Post! It was from dearest Mrs. Paula (that is how she is referred too around here). She sent me some lovely treasures for my birthday.

Isn't the card beautiful? Paula, you write with such a lovely "hand".

She made this lovely pillow for me! I just love pink! It matches a little quilt I have on my bed. The center panel is made with a fabric called "barkcloth", because it has a rough texture that is almost like that of crepe. It adds richness to the other fabrics.

She also made these coordinating flour~sack tea towels! One for Ashley, one for me. Don't you just love the little ruffles? They make drying dishes so much fun!

Here's mine! Friday just happens to be my favorite day! It was the day I was born on. Paula does such careful embroidery. I can imagine her sitting at Rose Cottage by the Lake, with Pearl the Poodle asleep, her head in Paula's lap!
Thank you so much, dear Paula!

The morning glorys did very well this summer. My favorites were pink, although there is no picture to show you. Next year I will scatter seeds along the roadside in front of our place. I'll also order the pink seeds for "fence climin".

These remind me of jolly~faced people, that always have a ready smile and infectious laugh.

Look how God painted this lovely face!

This little Babbity~Bumble was caught enjoying "The Glory of the Morning" before it closed up for the day.

It has been soooo very nice having Thelma join our home circle. She still keeps coming back, in spite of all the work we put her too!

How nice to have another lady in the house!

Maybe she comes back for the entertainment we provide!?

Thank you for visiting with me! It's so nice to be back!


Civilla said...

What a pretty blog you have!

Marqueta said...

Dear Sharon,

I was so glad to discover your new post! Happy belated birthday! I hope it was a pleasant one. What a blessing to receive such beautiful, thoughtful gifts from dear Paula.
I'm sure you will treasure them.

What sweet memories you are making for your family-may you have a blessed autumn.



p.s. The morning glories are so beautiful!

Sarah said...

It was exciting to see a new post on your blog, Mrs. Castlebury! I enjoyed it! :)

Paula said...

Dear Sharon,

I am so delighted that you liked your birthday gifts. Thank you so very much for all the kind words! How neat that you were born on Friday! I am glad that is your favorite day.

Your Morning Glories are so beautiful. I love to see the bees in them.

I am sure that Thelma loves being a part of your home circle and enjoys the work you all share together! You can see how happy she is! Ashley and her look like sisters!

The basked with herbs is so pretty and has such country charm.


Storybook Woods said...

Oh what a beautiful pillow. Paula is a very talented seamstress, I am so glad she blessed you with one of her pillows. Clarice