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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Stitching Projects Complete

This past summer, I was able to do several rather large projects. It has been hard for me to get my bearings after our move two years ago, as there have been many decisions that involve just how to live in our new home.
It takes me a while to live in a place, before I'm really comfortable making decisions about about domestic arrangements and decorating. I think I like to get the "feel" of a house ~ the way the sun comes through the windows accompanied by the heart's response to it; the view from the windows, and the thoughts that are evoked as you gaze out of them; the way your family life flows through the house.

This is an old sofa we brought from our former home, (literally ~ it was in the house when we moved there) and it is constructed with a wooden frame, but the "wicker" is really paper-wrapped wire. It is pretty old, but still useful.
Each seat cushion is an individual frame, consisting of old-fashioned hand-tied box springs,
with a thick layer of cotton batting covering them. I simply made removable covers, which are semi-fitted, and drawn up with a casing underneath the cushion frame.

Here is it's matching rocker. I keep this in the kitchen next to the fireplace and the window.
I can turn it around to be part of the conversation circle in the kitchen-at-large, or turn it into the kitchen work area. This is my favorite chair to have my devotions in the morning as I can see the men folk off as their times of departure vary.

The back cushions are large and comfortable.

Another project was a personal one. I had purchased a long length of 100% cotton crinkled fabric a couple of years ago, thinking it would make lovely, cool summer slips. So this is what I came up with.
I drafted a full length pattern using my sloper. I've never cared much for the adjustable ribbon-type straps, as they always fall down, so this pattern has "real" straps.

Here is a close-up of the hand embroidery. I used a bias strip of polyester crepe de chine for an elegant binding.

I hope you had a thoughtful Thanksgiving. We can all appreciate the freedom we still enjoy to worship God ~ which is the very reason the Pilgrims came to these shores nearly 300 years ago.

It only seems reasonable that we should use that freedom. Freedom is lost simply because it is no longer valued and used, but I must confess how easy it is for me to "hide my light" when in the company of those who don't seem to possess much light, as if I were ashamed to talk about God "as if He were real". I must remember that the people around me will never take spiritual matters seriously, if I am reluctant to be the "new creature" He has made me.

I hope you may be able to take time during the last few weeks of this year to finish up some of those unfinished projects you may have on your mental list. While you are working on them, and if need be, challenge yourself to "be lit" by His Light (The Word), so that you may be a light to others.


Anonymous said...

Dear Sharon, your sofa and rocking chair are just beautiful. The fabric you chose is so very lovely! The slip you made is breathtaking--and your hand-embroidery skills show you to be a very accomplished lady! Thank you for sharing these treasures with us!

Living Joyfully in the Lord said...

Mrs. Sharon, I just wanted to let
you know that I really enjoy your
blog. I wish you did it more often. It is really an encouragement to me and my daughter. I love to look at the
hand work you do. You are a real

In Christ
Freida I Peter 5:7

Marqueta said...

Dear Sharon,

I love the blue and white toile! It's such a serene, yet happy print. Everything else is so lovely too, and what a wonderful find, the "wicker" couch!



Paula said...

Dear Sharon,

I love the beautiful toile print you covered your cushions with! You did a beautiful job and they look so very lovely! I also love the slip you made, so feminine and old fashioned. You embroidery beautifully!

Yes, it is a blessing to have the freedom to worship God. I am so thankful for it! I pray to be lit by His Light (The Word) and be a light to others. Thank you for the encouragement!
Love, Paula