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Friday, November 14, 2008

"We Make Every Thing At Least Once"

This afternoon, Ashley and I had the pleasure of meeting another of our neighbor ladies. She is the sister-in-law of our other neighbor who has the charming chickens. Mrs. Ashley whisked us down the road to meet Mrs. Ashley, and we had a wonderful time seeing the amazing quilt she made, as well as other of her handy work (and yard-sale finds!)

Betty gave me permission to share pictures with you that I think will inspire you, no matter how old or young you may be, to be the queen of the domain God has given you.

This is her beautiful quilt! "Cathedral Windows" is it's name and it is amazing! It is made unlike any quilt pattern I have ever seen, and Betty's is even more unusual because each of her little "windows" has a piece of batting sewn behind it, giving it a three dimensional effect.

You may click on the picture to see it enlarged.

She stitched it entirely by hand and I must say, her work is very lovely. Perfect.
Would you believe this is her first and only quilt?

Here is a piece that has "chicken~scratching" embroidery. I think it charming!

More chicken~scratching in the "Red Room". The theme of the afternoon was this: we enjoy learning a new skill and then using it at least once! Not every one will be proficient or fast enoughto use a skill very often, but the idea is to always have minds and hearts that are eager to learn new things and put them to practical use.

This pillowcase was cross~stitched. Isn't it pretty?

She also had some lovely open drawn-work pieces which she learned from an elderly lady in Donald's some years back. Unfortunately my pictures didn't turn out. I'm so sorry you are not able to see them.

Outside the house, Betty's finger prints were every where. She leaves her creative touches all around the home she shares with her husband. I loved her cobalt "bottle~tree". Needless to say, I am now in search of Milk of Magnesia bottles!

This is just tooo cute! Don't you love the way the "hens" are growing out of the toes? My son, Tristan, was taken aback at dinner when the two lively females in the house simultaneously laid claim to his old work boots as soon as he wears them out! (the poor boy has long suffered our teasing about his stinky feet!)

I would like to thank Betty for opening her home to us. We had a wonderful visit with her. I hope to be as good a neighbor as these ladies have been to us. May the Lord bless your weekend!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your friend's home and handiwork with us. I enjoyed the tour very much!

I would love to try chicken-scratch embroidery but I cannot find 100% cotton gingham. Our fabric store only carries 60/40 poly-cotton :(

Proverbs 31 said...

Your friends catherdral window quilt is gorgeous. I have made a Christmas decoration using cathedral window nowhere near the scale of this so I know how much time & effort went into it truly stunning!!!!!!

TheFiveDays said...

Wow, that quilt is breathtaking. I can't imagine the work that went into it! Thank you for the pictures!

Paula said...

Dear Sharon,
Such a lovely neighbor and such beautiful things she has made by the work of her hands. Thank you and Mrs. Ashley so much for sharing!

I have no doubt you are as good a neighbor as these ladies are to you!!!!

Love your friend,