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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Redecorating the Bathroom

One of the big projects I wanted to complete in time for the wedding was that of sprucing up the bathroom. We do not believe the house had a bathroom originally, so the room it now occupies was meant to be something else! It's a nice large size, so I'm thankful for that!
We had hoped to one day gut the whole room and start over, with a door into our new master bedroom. But life is just too short to do all the things we COULD do, if we had the time.

There is a Jacuzzi / "Baby Bear Swimming Pool" that is a little more of a bathtub that what I need (I dream of a porcelain claw-foot tub!).

I love "Laura Ashley number one" scent.

This is part of my collection of old hand towels. Many came from yard sales and thrift stores.

This one is my favorite! It's completely done by hand.

This is "Baby Bear's" shelf for his grooming supplies. The old chamber pot was found by Sayre in the woods at Bull Run.

I love this pretty mirror. It really sets the mood for this room. Pretty, simple, and old~fashioned.

The bust of the lady and the blue-capped talcum jar on the right, including the dish on which they all sit, were my Mother's.

I so enjoy getting out "the old stuff" and creating little vignettes in those special corners of the house. I find myself employing a bit of whimsy in many of my efforts, although I'm the only one that usually sees it! Thanks so much for sharing a minute or two with me!


Marqueta said...

Dear Sharon,

What a beautiful, spacious bath! The chamber pot is absolutely precious, as are the towels.



Sarah said...

"Lovely" was the word that came to mind when seeing this post . . . you do such a wonderful job decorating, Mrs. Castlebury! So creative!

Rose said...

HI~my name is Rose and I just had to comment on your lovely bathroom! I love the big bathtub and the jacuzzi~you are so blessed to have one. My house is a little too small at the moment to put one in. I think if I did have one I would be lighting candles everynight and relaxing in it like Cleopatra! I also love Crabtree and Evelyn~I see you have Spring Rain? My favorite has always been Nantucket Briar. You did a marvelous job decorating! Enjoy, Rose

Paula said...

Dear Sharon,

Your bathroom is so beautiful, cheerful and spacious! I love how you have it decorated! All of those old-fashioned touches really make it seem like something from the Victorian era! You just need that claw foot tub! The one you have is lovely and your vintage towel collection is beautiful! I love the pretties that belonged to your Mother. They look so sweet!

I love old stuff and creating vignettes with them, too! You have a wonderful eye for doing that! "Baby Bear's" shelf is just darling, and I can imagine the little man using his grooming supplies. I love the mirror and it truly does set the mood for that room!

Thank you for sharing!
Love, Paula

P.S. I enjoyed your previous post, too. The pansies are so pretty, and "baby bear" certainly does have a sweet face! He is growing up so fast, Sharon! I know you treasure every moment with him!