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Monday, May 4, 2009

Spring is Here!

Hello friends! Spring is springing all around us here on the farm. Every where I look, there are signs that The Great Creative Genius has once again preserved his handy work to remind me of his reality.
What a blessing it is to know that He made everything with a purpose, including you and me. Now matter what our circumstances, background, or shortcomings, we can only find fulfillment when we become rightly related to Him.

Last August, I planted the seeds (Botanical Interests) for these pansies (Carmel Spice) and was disappointed that they did not bloom in the fall. But now they are rewarding me with so many blooms, and even seed pods! Wow~they were sure worth the wait!

Now what do you think about this sweet face? His Mama has been out in the garden for the last month tending the vegetable garden, as well as this East Garden.
I could not do all my work without my children though. They do so much without a complaint.

All right, all right~ it's time to go in and fix "baby bear's porridge"!


Marqueta said...

Dear Sharon,

Very sweet! The flowers and the little man. Just wondering if the pansies are scented?



Sharon said...

Dear Marqueta,

The pansies have only a VERY faint fragrance. Very faint. Do you know of a source for heirloom pansies that have a scent? I would love to know!

Sarah said...

The flowers are so beautiful, Mrs. Castlebury! And I would agree . . . spring is a time of year that reflects so much the handiwork of God. His power and wisdom is seen all around us!

The photos of Sawyer are precious . . . what expressions! :)