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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Hymn for The Lord's Day: A Little Child May Know

One of the things that I have been trying to do with dear little Sawyer is to have "studies" with him. The things we do vary from time to time, and we are not very consistent yet in our lessons, but I do keep a notebook with all the scripture verses we are working on, catechisms, and songs we are learning. I'll often just begin quoting the memory verses and he will finish them up.

This summer we have been working on a new song ~ new to both of us. It tells of God's love for us, and all the evidences of it. Now this song, is simple in it's message; simple enough for us grown~ups to comprehend the obvious truth of His marvelous love.

If you would like to learn the tune to this song, go HERE

by Jane E. Leeson 1842

A little child may know
Our Father's name of Love;
'Tis written on the earth below,
And on the sky above.

Around me when I look,
His Handiwork I see;
This world is like a picture~book
To teach his love to me.

The thousand little flowers
Within our garden found,
The rainbow and the soft spring showers,
And every pleasant sound;

The birds that sweetly sing,
The moon that shines by night,
With every tiny living thing
rejoicing in the light;

And every star above,
Set in the deep blue sky
All tell me that our God is love,
And tell me he is nigh.


Terry said...

Hi Sharon

That is so Beautiful,Your
children are very Blessed to
have a mother that Loves the Lord as you do.

Bless you

Sarah said...

This is a precious post, Mrs. Castlebury! I loved reading it, and the words to the song are beautiful. How very wonderful that at such a young age, Sawyer is being trained and taught in the ways of the Lord! He is blessed to have you and Mr. Castlebury as his parents.

Hopefully the next time we see you all again, I'll be able to hear Sawyer sing this song! :)

Paula said...

Dear Sharon,

It is so wonderful to see you posting again sweet friend. Sawyer is an adorable little fellow and very blessed to have a momma like you! Thank you for sharing this comforting hymn. It is just what I needed to hear this morning.

Love, Paula

P.S. Your photos are beautiful and go perfectly with the hymn.