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Friday, September 25, 2009

Farm Living Suits Me Just Fine!

It's hard to believe we have been out of the city for three years. This feels so right and good. No traffic, now sirens, no "people" sounds. Quiet. Peaceful.

Our children have thrived on the opportunity to work really, really hard. Our boys have become so strong and manly, going out and making their way in the world of farmers and country folk. They are pursuing real dreams ~ their dreams ~ and they put their own lively-hood on the line in order to do it. I'm so proud of them. Proud in a good way, mind you!
God is so good.

Our neighbor cutting hay with his mules, Kit and Kate. They are beautiful animals.

My little man working hard.

Unloading brush with Daddy

My man and his truck!

This is one of the smaller cows on the farm.
I like this size.

This one, one the other hand, is a different story! BIG! You will never guess who it's owner is!
I'll give you a hint: she has a blog called Country Maiden Lane!

Sayre has such a way with animals! His calves just love him ~ especially when he brings them alfalfa cubes!

You've heard of "a boy and his dog"? Well, . . . what can I say?


Marqueta said...

What beautiful pictures! I love country life, too, although it sure isn't easy, is it?

Blessings to you,


lady m said...

It is wonderful when you realize, as a mother, that the best for your children is taken them out of their comfort zone into something more challenging and exciting!

That is how I feel about leaving the city and moving to the country.

Although, we do not own any land...yet ;-), the Lord has been showing my boys the joys of working hard and dreaming within the limits of the Lord's will.


lady m

Paula said...

Dear Sharon,

I am so happy you and your family were able to move to the country and have such a beautiful home and land. God is good, indeed! I love the photos you shared. 'Little man' is certainly growing up quickly! You look so lovely dear friend! I like that size of cow, too. I would love to have a miniature jersey.

I enjoyed seeing all of your beautiful roses, especially your favorite one, and I love the photo of you, just beautiful.

I am so very happy for Ashley. It was wonderful to read about her courtship. I know the Lord will guide and bless them both. It is a beautiful testimony to his work in her life. The ticking bag full of flowers is gorgeous. How wonderful to have so many lovely flowers from your own garden.

Love, Paula

P.S. Thank you for your sweet Birthday wishes.

Rose said...

It must be so nice to be out of the city! I would love to move to the country and enjoy God's wonderful creation. I live close to the Fire House and the Police Station so it is very busy and nosy here! God bless you and enjoy your country life~Rose

Sarah said...

What a fun post, Mrs. Castlebury! I enjoyed seeing all of the photos, and loved your title. :) I agree wholeheartedly with it! There is nothing like farm living. :)

Lady Farmer said...

Greetings Sharon!
Thanks for your visit to lady farmers sewing room! I hope you will make some 'bread keepers'. And, yes, I think they will be great gifts fill with homemade bread! They are on my Christmas list of gifts to make.
(Do come by and visit me at Lady Farmer Parables, too, or any of my 7 blogs! Yikes! Too many! ;~} )
Don't you just love farm living?! I grew up on a small farm and live on a small farm now. I did, for just a few months, right after I got married,live in our little town. I am so thankful that we were giving the opportunity to purchase my husbands boyhood farm from his parents shortly after marriage. I did not enjoy living in our little town! I cannot imagine living in a larger town or city ~ I think I would wither up and perish!
I will be by again to peruse your little place here ~ I must go now to help Gentleman Farmer paint the white board fence! There is always something to do on the farm, isn't there?! I love it!