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Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Birthday Celebration For Martha

Today is my friend, Martha's birthday.
I've know her since Ashley was an infant, so we go waay back!
She is the mother of eleven children: plus me.
She has been my mentor for many years, although I exceed her in age by one.

Sawyer wanted to give her a birthday present, but all he had was his old, worn-out pair of boots.
(Daddy had just the day before gone to TSC and bought him a new pair).
Only Martha would enjoy such a gift given by a little boy!

Martha had a picnic at her house yesterday to celebrate her birthday. It was the Kendalls and us, so we were so happy to help celebrate. The boys all had a great time!

Here's Avery. Notice that Sawyer is wearing his new boots!

Aren't they cute?

These words are on the wall over Martha's dining table in her new house.
These words describe Martha's life~ strengthened. . . blessed. . . peace. . . filled.

Such feminine beauty graces Martha's soon-to-be-finished kitchen. What a memory for you, Martha.

She's everyone's Marmee.

Happy, happy birthday, my dear!

1 comment:

Nanny Ree said...

What a lovely post ~ Martha is blessed to have a friend who thinks so highly of her & the gift I'm sure will bless her so much. Marie x