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Friday, July 16, 2010

Celebrating The Next Generation

 As a small child, my play always included dolls and homemaking. My neighbor friend, Janice and I, would spend hours together playing with our buggies and dolls. She had a huge basement full of really great stuff to play house, as well as to play dress-up. No one made us play like this. Both of our Mothers ruled their own domains of home, and we never considered doing anything other than that. Our hearts were by nature, homemakers.
As a young woman, making decisions about career and college, I had conflicting ideas going through my mind. Everyone around me migrated out into the work force; it seemed to be the expected thing, so I thought I was supposed to do the same. However, somehow I just couldn't get excited about any career, but I had this yearning to be a wife. How I longed to make a home for my husband and take care of him. I wanted to spend all my time in domestic pursuits. In my way of thinking, what you "do" is what you "are".

There are so many "perks" with this "job".

How wonderful the "fruit" is!

This is little Isabella Grace being held by Uncle Hamlin.
She came into the world April 23.

Granddaddy knows how to take care of babies!

Our son, Trevor knows what is important. He is a faithful, loving husband to Thelma,
and he adores his little girl.

Here is our hope for the future; one branch in our family tree that we pray will continue to bear fruit that will last through all eternity.


Jenny said...

How sweet! You have a lovely family.

In my own family for a while (maybe 5 or so years), life was just in a "holding pattern." Then, one of us got married and it was like dominoes falling -- every year with either a marriage or a baby. What an exciting time for us all.

Enjoy these special days and years with your ever-growing brood!

Anonymous said...

Looooove you mama!!! thank you so much for what you do for me and the rest of the family!!!!