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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

An Heirloom Baby Gown

 I have had the joy of  making baby day-gowns for several of  my babies. 
They attended their first church service in them, and several services (before growing out of them) thereafter.
It is my intention to make each of my children an heirloom day-gown for their children.
This spring/summer found me stitching away on one for Trevor and Thelma's babys.

 This was my first attempt at drawn thread work on anything so fine. 
The fabric is pima batiste.

 The gown was worked in a pattern of broderie anglaise, which  is synonymous with "eyelet". It is found in a leaflet by  "Belles and Beaus"
entitled "Primer Series Broderie Anglaise" 1985.

 The back is from the same leaflet.   I love working eyelet.  You don't have to count or do any thinking.

 The buttonholes are worked by hand.  Very enjoyable.

Little Isabella was the first to wear this gown.
She appeared at the wedding in it and looked so sweet and babyish. 
As the day wore on, her gown became wrinkled, but she wore them well.
She was as a long-ago babe in a vintage photograph


Nanny Ree said...

Absolutely beautiful ~ something to truly treasure!

J♥Yce said...

Very lovely work...and doesn't the entredeux add to the wee dress beautifully! I enjoy hand sewing...even the buttonholes ~ how wonderful a keepsake from Grandma ~

I have my infant slip dress Mother saved from over 50 years ago...delicate lace with machine workings and the weeest buttons; heirloom sewing by hand or machine still touches hearts with the giver's love.

Sharon said...


How wonderful that your slip dress was saved! I know you are happy to have it to pass on. It sounds lovely. I have found 1960's era baby clothes at yard sales that were obviously saved by someone's Mother. They retain the handmade quality that is missing in today's clothing.
Thank you for your sweet comment, Joyce.

J♥Yce said...

You are very welcome, Sharon; your posts are always heartwarming and oft bring fond memories to mind! You are a blessing in many ways ~ God is so good! :-)

My mother and I enjoyed yard sales very much as you do. How wonderful you have been able to find vintage 60's baby clothes; today's mass-produced lacks the quality and modesty of yesteryear among other aspects. I know your family appreciates your eye for beauty reflected in those finds, handwork, and home.

Sharon said...

Joyce, I think yard sales hold a lot of memories for both of us with our Mothers. We are blessed to have had those times with them. Your comments are so sweet. Thank you for them!