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Monday, August 23, 2010

The Wedding Gown

My friends, thank you for your patience while waiting for my post about the wedding gown. 
This project has been in the works since the week after the wedding and  I hope you find it worth the wait.
This slide show will take over twelve minutes, and you will want to have the audio turned on.

The Wedding Gown

by Sharon Castlebury

Why must you, Bride, put on this gown
On this, your wedding day?
Why go to all the effort, Dear,
And stitch our hearts away?

Although I'm sure you'd look quite smart
In some gown off the rack,
'Twould save us time and effort great
To choose that easy track.

I'll tell you Dear, this dress is more
Than just a wedding gown,
For in its folds a tale is told;
Your story in it is found.

The dress began when you were born,
For hopes and dreams inspired it.
Each pattern piece was alterred so
A robe of Heaven you'd fit.

The fabric was beyond compare-
Your heart was made clean and pure;
"Twas cut out very carefully;
God's trimming hand was sure.

The pieces we did pin and fit-
The pain you felt was real;
But as the stitches were put in
How humbly you did yield.

At time we made real mistakes
So we ripped out then re-sewed.
The new seam that we stitched back in
Was nobler far we know.

The lovely dress was almost done
Except for one more thing
To try it on . . . how does it fit?
Will it make His heart sing?

You tried it on, it fit you like
An angel had sewn for you!
It was a perfect picture frame
Of the woman God made-it's true!

As you wore it on your wedding day
It made me start to cry,
To know that every stitch we took
Was another step in your life.

So, Darling as we think upon 
the time that's traveled past,
The years we spent in joy and tears
Were fashioning you at last

To be the one to pass the torch
to daughters in your line.
My Dear, remember, construct her dress
With care as we did thine.


Every Endeavor said...

Mrs Castlebury,

Thank you so much for letting us participate in the wedding day of your daughter. It was lovely.
We so enjoyed our sweet time of fellowship the other day Thank you. We also were greatly anticipating your surprise and are thrilled with the end result. Great job to you and Mrs. Greene. Once again the poem is beautiful. Look forward to seeing you again sometime soon.


Nanny Ree said...

BEAUTIFUL!!!! Such intricate work oth in the dress & the slideshow thank-you for sharing Marie x

J♥Yce said...

a very lovely tribute ~

Marqueta (Mar-keet-a) said...

So pretty and with all that love stitched in, too!

What a blessing for all; I'm so glad you took the time to share.