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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Happenings In My Neck Of The Woods

It's been a long, long winter.  I feel as if I should be out in the garden trying to get ahead of the weeds before spring planting.  But wait!!!  Even the weeds are cold!  So that gives me a little time to catch up on the spring cleaning inside before moving outdoors!  Here's a few pictures of life on the "farm".

These are the Cats.  They own the place.

Let me introduce you to Marmacet.

The Little mailman.

Collin like to cook at times.

I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday.  Maybe spring will get it's act together soon.


Ashley said...

How wonderful to see a post from you, Mama!!! Sawyer has changed so much since I last saw him... sure seems like yesterday and he was itsy-bitsy.
It was lovely to see you back!


Anonymous said...

Oh Friend, what a very pleasant surprise!