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Monday, February 3, 2014

Hens and Chicks

You have to have a sense of humor when you live around here.  

A few weeks ago, Sayre had a broody hen.  He just so happened to also have some bantam eggs, and I had some duck eggs.  So we put all our assets together and you can see what we came up with.

Just so you can get an  idea of the variety of "objects" Mother Fluff-Ruffle had to sit upon for three weeks, you can see the brown egg at the top is a large chicken egg.  The little ones are bantam eggs.

 Bantams are just miniature chickens; usually very brightly colored and the roosters think they are hot stuff....  The bantam roosters are usually the first ones to begin crowing in the morning, and their cah-cu-doodle-doo would register in the high soprano range.  
The large eggs are from ducks.  They are nice to bake with. 

 Mother Fluff-Ruffle is real proud of her little brood.  You have to wonder what she thinks about her progeny.

Here's Tom.  He spends the whole day strutting.  He is really friendly.  He is a heritage breed Bourbon Red turkey.  I'm hoping for "turkeyettes" in the spring~~and Thanksgiving dinner in November.  Of course, we will not be eating Tom.  Or his two hens for that matter.  Just the kids.  That sounds terrible.  

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sarah rose said...

That's so neat! Thank you for posting...even if it does sound terrible to "eat the kids." :) We just found your blog and enjoyed looking at the pictures.
Praying for all of you this week.
Sarah Rose