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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Inspiration From an Old Book Case

Some years ago, my husband ran across this old bookcase. It has an unusual system to adjust the shelves. You notice, the notches and the shelf supports that you move up and down in the notches. Rather clever!

My oldest son, Trevor, who is 21, along with my husband and other sons, Tristan and Collin, have working on an addition to our home. The new addition includes a sewing room, laundry room, entry way, and pantry.

When we began considering the shelving system we would like to use in the addition, we just couldn't find what we were after. We LOVE old houses; we love the old custom wood work that is in them. So we started thinking about our old book case.

Why not do a custom wood adjustable shelving system in the new pantry like that? HMMM!

So here is the pantry finished, yet in the raw.
Trevor just finished it this afternoon, and he is quite pleased with it. It is his brain child!

He added a lovely arch at the top of each of the two shelves.

Here's a close-up of the adjustable shelf supports. They fit like a dream!

The whole pantry will be painted in white woodwork, with yellow walls. I can't wait to show it to you when it is finished!

This is the carpenter's apprentice. He's pretty cute, but he will soon require his own set of tools! (Many of the Carpenter's tools go missing!)


Shan said...

How lovely! I hope you will share lots of pictures when you are finished. We too added on to our house about 4 years ago. The wait was worth it.

Your friend,

The Days said...

Lovely! I wish I had some just like it! And what a cute shot of the apprentice.. :)