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Monday, January 28, 2008

A Winter's Day Needlebook Project

During these cold, cold days of winter, it is nice to have a little project that doesn't require us to get out of our nice warm perch! (where ever that may be!)

Perhaps you would like to make a needle book to store an assortment of your needles. Especially if you travel, it is nice to be prepared with plenty of handwork projects, but they often require different needles.

All needlewomen need to keep their needles organized! I picked the little book up at Hancocks Fabrics a few years ago and thought it would make a great base for the "book".

When you open it up to the inside of the front cover, this is where you find all those big darning needles! It was fun looking up all the information about needle organization and sizing.

Here is the center fold of the book. I cut a piece of paper just a little smaller that the cover to be the "pages". You could easily add more pages.

This is my favorite section because I love to embroider!

The blue fabric you see is pieces of velveteen. It is not clean finished. I may have put a bit of fray-check on the edges. The velveteen hold the needles tightly so they never fall out.

This would make a great gift for someone who does any hand sewing.


Paula said...

Dear Sharon,
This is a wonderful idea! The illustration on your needlebook is so sweet! I also like how you labeled the uses for your needles! I love to embroider too! Have you seen Meg has the most beautiful vintage-looking patterns. Lots of pretty embroidery! I have enjoyed making her patterns very much! They are so feminine and sweet! Have a lovely day! Paula

Sharon said...

O Paula, what a lovely website! Thank you for sharing that! I am going to look real closely at those patterns! Do you mind if I share that link?

Paula said...

Hi Sharon, You are so welcome! I am glad you enjoyed her beautiful site. Yes, please share the link, I do not mind at all!
You may also want to look at if you have not already seen her site. Jennifer has a wonderful selection of gorgeous fabric and patterns, some of which are Crabapple Hill. If you sign up for the shabby fabric newsletter you will receive emails with new arrivals and notifications of sales. Many times she will have 10% off your order, sometimes more. Enjoy!

Paula said...
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