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Monday, March 3, 2008

Donuts, Milk, and Coffee

I wanted to share this wonderful receipt I found in an older Southern Living cookbook.
This was the second time I tried it, and boy were these doughnuts great! They were very little trouble too.
About an hour before we left to go to church last night, I stirred up the batter and put it on to rise for about 45 minutes, then quickly cut them out and put them on to rise while we were at church.


2 C scalded milk
1/2 butter

1/2 C sugar
2 tsp. salt

Mix in a bowl and cool to lukewarm.

1 package yeast
2 eggs

Add to batter and stir well.

6 C flour

Stir in flour and stir well. Cover and let rise until doubled in bulk.
Roll out on lightly floured board and cut with a doughnut cutter.
Let rise 45 minutes.
Fry in about 1/2" vegetable oil or deep fat fryer.
Drain on absorbant paper.

Did into glaze mix:

2/3 C boiling water
1# powdered sugar

Enjoy with a cold glass of whole milk, or fresh brewed coffee!

Around here we buy farm~fresh milk at a local dairy. It is really the best milk around! It is not homogenized at all, so it must be shaken well before it is poured. This is really much better for you because the fat globules, being large, are not able to be broken down small enough to pass quickly through the intestines and into your arteries.
It is very lightly pasteurized, so more of the good stuff is still good.


Paula said...

Dear Sharon,

Thank you for this wonderful post!!! I enjoyed it so much. It is so nice of you to share the receipt for the delicious looking doughnuts! I will have to make those for Adam and Justin! They look so pretty on your platter with the lovely antique bread tin! Oh, your home looks so inviting, cozy and old fashioned!

I am so very happy that you and your family consume fresh cow's milk! We have consumed raw goat's milk for years. We would love to find raw cow's milk locally, but have been unable to as of yet. We have had to drive to a dairy in Texas, an all day trip, to purchase our raw milk. Thankfully, we found a dairy closer, still in Texas, but about half the distance, that we are going to start getting our milk from. I am thankful you have a local dairy. Fresh raw milk is so very nourishing!

Sharon, the picture of you and Sawyer is so beautiful!!! It just touched my heart!!! You are a beautiful feminine lady, and Sawyer is a darling handsome fellow!!! I love how he is placing the daffodil in the vase. I have one just like that! His outfit is just so gentlemen-like and so old fashioned! Your dress and apron are so very pretty and feminine! I am sure you made those. You both look as if you came from a gentler time. Just beautiful!!!

Anonymous said...

Those doughnuts look so delish.
And the pic is so sweet.

Shalom, Paula

Sharon said...

Oh Shalom,
You can't imagine how yummy they were! One of my sons rated them higher that Crispy Creme!!!! I'm not so sure about that!