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Sunday, April 27, 2008

A Hymn For The Lord's Day: Teach Me Thy Will, O Lord


by Katherine A. Grimes b 1877

Teach me Thy will, O Lord, teach me Thy way;
Teach me to know Thy word, teach me to pray.
What-e'er seems best to Thee, that be my earnest plea,
So that Thou drawest me closer each day.

Teach me Thy wondrous grace, boundless and free;
Lord, let Thy blessed face shine upon me.
Heal Thou sin's ev-ery smart,dwell Thou within my hear;
Grant that I never part, Saviour, from Thee.

Teach me by pain Thy power, teach me by love;
Teach me to know, each hour, Thou art above.
Teach me as seemeth best in Thee to find sweet rest;
Leaning upon Thy breast, All doubt remove.

Teach Thou my lips to sing, my heart to praise;
Be thou my Lord and King through all my days.
Teach Thou my soul to cry, "Be Thou, dear Saviour, nigh,
Teach me to live, to die, saved by Thy grace."

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Paula said...

Dear Sharon,
I love this beautiful hymn. Thank you for sharing it. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Lord's day and coming week!