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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

A Few Thoughts For You

It has been some time since I left you a post. Our family returned a week ago today from a trip to San Antonio, Texas where we attended a family conference sponsored by Vision Forum. I wish all of you could have attended with us because the vision was laid forth to think far into the future, Lord willing, and to prepare the way for our own children's children's children's children.
I'm afraid it is all too easy to rely on the Lord's soon return, and fail to consider the fact that we are to "occupy" until He does return. If we were occupiers, we would be more likely to think about the generations to follow our own and this is just what we must do.
Mr. Jeff Botkin, who, along with Doug Phillips, was the main speaker, revealed to us that when he was saved at age 21, he was a Marxist. His salvation changed that, of course, but his experience as a Marxist gave him a unique perspective.
He informed us that Marxists are patient. They are planners. They have very definite goals, well thought out plans, and will stop at nothing to carry out their goals. Of course, their goal is to wipe out Christianity, which is being effectively carried out. Did you understand what I just said? They are doing battle, and are in battle mode!
Because we serve the King of Kings, we should be taking the fight a lot more seriously than we are. But judging from the way the culture is sucking us in, our young people are falling away, and we have no influence in the world, it appears as if only one side is actually doing battle.
We can no longer be content to watch our precious children go by the wayside. There are things we MUST do as parents ~ for their sakes, the sake of future generations, and for the sake of being responsible before God for His heritage that is contained in these children.
One of the interesting things we heard at the conference from other parents was our own testimony of how they had become concerned about the effect the peer based grouping was having on their children. They, like us, were impressed by scripture that God's way is for Father's to be responsible for bringing up their own children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. That is God's way. It doesn't work very well any other way.
It is a full time job, and one that I must confess, I have failed to take seriously. It is easy to do lip service to these idea, but how difficult it is to REALLY do it. And we can't do it without the Lord.
I would urge you to educate yourself. Read scripture to find practical application. Take all of it seriously. It was givin to us so we would know how to live life.
Go to Vision Forum for resources to help understand these difficult cultural issues we live with. If you don't know where to start, get the message
"How to Think Like a Christian". I think you will be amazed at how many "landmarks" we have lost in the Church.
Well, ladies, I hope this has been helpful. I certainly welcome your e-mails and comments.


Paula said...

Dear Sharon,

Thank you so much for this wonderful post! I wish we could have attended this conference too! I love the vision they presented. What you said is so true, "that it is easy to rely on the Lord's soon return and fail to consider the fact that we are to occupy until He does return." This is just what my husband and I desire to do, to think about the generations to follow.

How interesting that Mr. Botkin was a Marxist before the Lord saved him, and that his experience gave him a unique perspective! Truly we are new creation in Christ. I appreciate you sharing that, and the fact that Marxists are in battle against us!

Indeed, I do need to take the fight more seriously. I pray for God to give us much needed wisdom in how to raise, train, and disciple our son, and to help us continually protect him from this culture. We must be diligent in guarding our homes and trust the Lord completely to enable us to raise our children for his glory, and they in turn raise their children for his glory and each generation after continuing to serve and glorify God!

We feel the same way about peer based grouping, and we wholeheartedly agree that God's way is for Father's to be responsible in bringing up their own children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord, just as you stated. Yes, that is God's way, and you are so very right, it does not work any other way.

Thank you so much for encouraging me, that we need to take this seriously, that it is a full time job, and that we cannot do this without the Lord.

Thank you for recommending the message, "How to think like a Christian." I look forward to hearing that.

I have been really blessed and encouraged by the thoughts that you have shared. Thank you so much!

Senkyoshi said...

I've enjoyed reading your daughter's blog of your trip to SanAntonio. My sister lives there and I have visited there a couple of times, most recently while on deputiation. The Riverwalk and Alamo are favorites. Of course, I had to go visit SAS shoes since my folks sell them...

Sharon said...

Dear Senkyoshi,
San Antonio certainly had it's own personality. I found the Texan/Mexican influence to be unique and with it's own appeal. Certainly the artistry and colors seen in the down town told one much about the people.
You have most likely been to many large cities like San Antonio. I'm glad to be a country girl, myself!

Sharon said...

Dear Paula,
If you ever get to attend a conference, you will be greatly blessed.