Sunday, June 27, 2010

More Update

Welcome dear friends. I'm giving you some more pictures that were taken during my nine month siesta! I hope you enjoy them!

Life can be so much fun! It's really in how you look at things.

Here's Mrs. Pelc and I earlier this spring up in Missouri.
She's a REALLY funny gal. We always have such a hoot when we're together.
You should hear her sing!

Dreaming . . . .

We had some new additions to the family. Ducky Doodles!

These little balls of fluff belong to Sayre. He ordered 6 Pekins, 6 Mallards, and 6 Rouens (sp?).
He ordered a straight run.

May was such a lovely month this year. This clamatis is growing just where I found it, at the foundation of the new addition. I don't know how it got there, but I nearly pulled it up thinking it was a weed!

Isn't it lovely!

Here's little Hamlin.

"New Dawn" was simply covered with roses! I invited Marmee over to see it after church, and she just couldn't believe her eyes!

The strawberry patch beckoned again ~ and of course, we succumbed.

Sigh. . . . another last time.

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