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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

All "Hung Up" on Clothes Pin Bags!

I grew up on Dick, Jane, and Spot! The pictures in that series are nice to look at because they depict a time when life was simple and wholesome. They remind you that childhood is a time of protected innocence. It is a time when children should be developing into good, honest, hardworking adults through their play; they play at what they see Daddy and Mama doing every day.

I remember that my Mother had a clothes line when I was small. On wash day, she would hang her clothes out on the line and dry them. Probably the next day, she would lay them all out flat in layers on the kitchen table. She would then take a basin of water in one hand and dip the other hand into it and carefully sprinkle the water all over an article of clothing. She wasn't trying to get them wet~just damp. She would do this with several items, put the basin down, and roll each piece up into a roll. The rolls of clothing would be carefully and neatly placed into a plastic bag in order to moisten them. Remember, the steam iron was not in use yet! That same afternoon, she would remove each piece and iron it. She was so neat and careful about everything. I really admired her work.
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