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Friday, August 17, 2007

"Peter Potter" Laundry Bag for Baby

Recently, Ashley and I went up to Mary-Joes cloth store in Gastonia, NC and brought back some lovely fabrics for new projects to put in the shoppe. I love all things Beatrix Potter; of course I had to come home with this fabric! This is going to be a Baby-Laundry Bag.
The name "Peter-Potter" was coined by one of my children several years ago!

I love the "old" look of this natural waxed paper for drawing patterns onto. I drew this one based on the hanger I'm going to use. The large hole is to be cut only on one piece of the fabric.
Marmee Dear tells how to make your own clothes pin bags in her Treasury of Vintage Homekeeping.

Cut the contrasting fabric wide enough to be viewed through the hole with a little extra width so you only see the lining. Press the top and bottom edge under and top stitch.

Stay-stitch around the hole to keep it from stretching.

I'll show you how I make bias tape. You may have a better way.
1. Fold the fabric with the selvage meeting the straight of grain. This gives you the true bias and the greatest amound of stretch.

2. From the fold, measure over 1" and make a little mark. Make marks the whole length. This forms the line you will cut along. Now cut along this line.

3. In order to make the remainder of strips, simply fold the cut edge up 1" and press. Cut along the raw edge.
4. Do this as many times as you need.

5. Now lay the ends of the strips, right sides together like this. The points should NOT be going in the same direction! The go opposite each other. If you insert a pin through both thicknesses right at the fold line, your bias tape will have a perfectly straight edge when you are finished. Perfect!

Sew the bias tape, to the back-side of the hole, trim and clip. Turn and press. Top-stitch.

This is for sale in the Shoppe!

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