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Sunday, August 26, 2007

A Letter From the Past

Eighty-three years ago, this letter was written to The American Needlewoman Magazine by Mrs. T.A.D. of Puyallup, Washington. Her message is one we wives need to give good heed to.

"I am reminded of a little circumstance which came under my observation not long ago. One bride was telling another of how hard she was trying to break her husband of a fault, and deploring the fact that she had thus far failed. And, sisters, listen! His "fault" was dipping his toast in his coffee! The other bride was undergoing a similar trial, but with a different fault - of quite as little consequence, however. The incident set me thinking, seriously, too. I fear more that these young wives are beginning wrong. Men, as well as women, have peculiarities; they are not faults, and should not be so considered and treated. A man has his home, his food, his wife. Let him enjoy them; it is his privilege. Oh, these "little foxes that spoil the vines! Why, I know a man who frequently leaves his shoes in the dining-room. Next morning, his wife quietly but smilingly removes them. She knows he forgot; and, anyway, it does not hurt her to put them in their place - so she wisely reasons. He does many things for her. And these husbands of ours are "our men" - our companions and comrades. We would not intentionally do or say anything that would cause friction or make them lose enjoyment in their homes, if we would but stop and think. Let us remember that time is fleeting. Let us try to lead truer lives, and make life in every way worthwhile."

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Vanessa said...

Thanks for sharing this-- as a bride-to-be (less than 8 months now!!!) I want to be thinking about how I can bless and edify my husband rather than nitpick and tear him down. My Robert is such a blessing to me now; I hope I can be a blessing to him as his wife in a few months!