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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

The Nurturing Heart

The challenge for the home maker is to create a home whose purpose is to bless those who live within it's walls and to be a shelter and solace to those who come under it's roof. This goes beyond providing a place to hang one's hat. True home making involves a heart to nurture and will manifest itself through the many deeds of service that are required in the care of people. The distinguishing characteristic of the nurturing heart is the love and selflessness with which these deeds are performed and the sense of security others feel by their ministrations.
It is not a way of being that one can acquire from within one's own self. It is a heart that can only be given by The One who designed the role of Woman.
My desire is to encourage the many women who are home makers, whether you bless your husband, children, parents, siblings, or others. Your home can be the place of comfort and cheer because you are there.

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