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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Update on the Rose Garden

Planting roses here in the south is best done in the fall. The plants get a good start by developing their root systems while the weather is mild before going into dormancy. I ordered eight rose bushes this summer, and most of them arrived the first week of October, just like I requested. I ordered from a nursery in the state of Washington. I was very happy with their condition and overall health.

First, they boys dug HUGE holes. They had to be two feet deep and two feet wide. This was quite a feat since there was only three inches of topsoil before they hit red clay!

After the "dirt" was removed, a four inch layer of rabbit droppings was placed in the bottom of the hole. (Well aged manure was actually recommended, but rabbit waste is as good, but much milder.)

They then mixed one part peat with three parts good soil. One cup of bone meal was mixed in. Bone meal encourages root development. We found that our dogs can smell it a mile away, so we had to put the bag up out of their reach! They will also dig your plant up trying to find the "bone" in your hole!
The hole was well watered, partially filled with mix, then the little bushes were placed in the hole and the rest of the mix put in around it.
I so look forward to next summer when they start to bloom like the one below. This bush was already in place when we moved in. It is such a lovely plant. The flowers turn from medium pink to dark burgundy. I would love to know it's name.

God made such a lovely world for us to live in. How thankful I am that He made these beautiful flowers for US! I think He takes delight in admiring His handywork too! How we can marvel at their ability to point us to their Creator

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