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Monday, October 29, 2007

The Wash Basin at the Sugarfoot Festival

Most of the rural towns here in the south have some sort of fall festival. What a great tradition. They are wonderful events for families to attend together. Perhaps your town holds the same sort of festival.
The little town of Honea Path is about five miles from our home. Ashley and I decided we would like to participate in the festival they put on. Soooo ~ we took The Wash Basin to the craft fair!
What a lot of fun we had.

My husband and the other country gentlemen loaded us up into "The Beast" (the name of my husbands old pick-up) and transported us and all our goodies to Honea Path. They set all our tables and "furnishings" up for us. We didn't have to do a thing but the decorating! (They take good care of us!)
Sawyer spent the morning with us, then went home for his nappie.

We were rather pleasantly surprised to find the mayor open the festival with a word of prayer, giving God the glory for all His blessings! The Colors were displayed and the National Anthem was sung. It thrilled me!
A lot of blue grass gospel music was performed and one man even sang "How Great Thou Art" ~ acapella. I have to say, that it was good to know that God is still in the hearts of some of the people in this community.
When the love of God dies in a nation, the people have nothing left but a love of themselves ~ and despair. We see it everywhere, especially in the young people. I sincerely hope you know God~not just know about Him, but know Him on a personal level~intimately. If this is not the case for you, I encourage you to seek Him through His Book, the Bible. He has promised that "If you seek me, you shall find me, if you seek with all your heart".

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