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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Arrived By Post

There is something so exciting about getting a letter or package in the daily post; a sense of the personal. Perhaps it goes back to the days when letters were handwritten and packages were carefully wrapped in brown paper and secured with string. Those things were thoughtfully done by hand.
When Ashley or myself receive a package in our big country mailbox, whatever we are doing is forgotten for the present and breath is suspended until the package contents are revealed!
On this day recently, it was I who received the package! How exciting to see it ~ sitting there in the mailbox!

Having found Ashley in her garden, I squealed with delight and called her over to revel in my excitement. My men~folk who were working out in the field just sort of looked at us, thinking something really BIG had happened, but quickly realized it was a fit of feminine passion! Of course, Ashley was appropriately excited, so she came over and we opened it together. (It's so satisfying to share these moments with someone who "laughs when you laugh"!)

Upon opening the lid, all this lovely cantaloupe colored tissue was revealed.

And then ~~~~~~ the lovely seed packets!

The memory of this simple pleasure with my Daughter does something good in my heart!

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Paula said...

Oh Sharon,

What a delightful post! Indeed, it is so exciting to receive a letter or a package, and I felt as if I were there with you and Ashley, enjoying all your excitement, and joining in your "fit of feminine passion!" That is so sweet!

How splendid that Ashley was in her garden when your seed order arrived. I must say they packaged it beautifully and the seed packets are works of art. You are on your way to having that English Cottage Garden we both adore!

All the pictures are beautiful, and I especially enjoyed the seed packets amongst Ashley's sweet rabbits!

A beautiful memory with your daughter, indeed, and for her as well!