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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Spring Just Keeps Springing!

This has been one of the busiest springs I can remember! It has been a race with the weeds to see who was quicker ~ they, to take over the gardens or me. I think I have won. So far.
All the credit goes to my boys. They can sure get a lot more weeds pulled than me.
One of the flowers I want to show you is the one pictured above. It is growing on a bush and is called "Mock Orange". It is very fragrant, but not as fragrant as the bush my parents had growing beside the old well house back home in Michigan. I tried to bring starts back to the south and get them to grow, but always failed. How delighted I was to find two bushed growing here at out place in the country.

I'm not sure what this is, but it may be called "Widows Tears". If you can identify it, I would love to have you do so for me.

This is Lanium, "Beacon Silver". This acts as a non-invasive ground cover. It just so happens to be in bloom right now, but I think it's great beauty is in it's leaves. The first time I saw it, periwinkle blue pansy's were growing amongst it. Beautiful!

I was surprised to see this bush bloom. I posted pictures of the same bushes in an earlier post, but they were pink. This one is coral. Still have not been able to identify these bushes.

I'm so thankful for all God has done for me. I'm thankful He saved me from all my sins. I'm thankful He gave us His Book to be instructed, rebuked, and edified. I thank Him for allowing me to be married to my dear husband, David; for giving me children-these six children; for wisdom as we rear our nestlings and His blessing our efforts; for his mercy as we have made a lot of mistakes with them, but how faithful He is to bless.


Paula said...

Dear Sharon,
I enjoyed your lovely post so much! The flowers are just beautiful and I am so glad you have the "Mock Orange" bushes growing at your dear homestead.

The art print is so pretty!!! I love the two ladies visiting with one another. I imagine they are talking about their gardens!

I especially appreciate what you shared in the last paragraph. You are a godly wife and mother! God is so very good to us!

Maggie Ann said...

Your coral flowers are lilies I'm sure. And the 'widow's tears'..I'm not sure, but I think they spread like crazy...and the flower part would make a great dye. A lovely post...=)