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Friday, May 23, 2008

Wedding Anniversary

This week, my husband, David, and I celebrated our twenty-sixth wedding anniversary. It seems like yesterday we exchanged our vows and set off on this adventure of life together. He was ~ and still is ~ my knight in shining armour. He takes care of me.
Before we married, my Dad was my protector and he had my heart. I desired a man like him to be companion too. God had it all planned.

We spent today in all the antique shops in this area we could find. What a wonderful day, because we both love the old ways, and all things old.
We found a wonderful place for you to visit (in addition to many other great stops) if you are ever in the area. Visit
Bottle Tree Farm
The owners are very nice and have a wonderful collection of old stuff. They specialize in old bottles, and the owner even gave us a little lesson on the old purple bottles you occasionally see.

I hope and pray for many more wonderful years together, until our purpose in this life is completed.

I'm so thankful for a husband who wants me to stay home and keep his home. Thank he considers it his duty and delight to provide for me and the children.

He also desires to be our daughter's protector and provider, and enjoys her laughter and energy as she goes about her tasks at home.

Happy Anniversary, Dear.


Paula said...

Dear Sharon,

Happy 26th Anniversary!!!! You and your dear husband are such a beautiful couple! The Lord is so very, very good! Marriage is such a blessing, and I can see how very happy the two of you are!

Have a blessed Lord's Day!

Sharon said...

Thank You Dear Paula. How can we help but be happy when we can be married to our best friend?
Blessings to you and yours.