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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A Stroll Through the East Garden

This spring, a lot of work has taken place in this garden. It is located on the east side of the house, and receives partial shade. In this picture, which was taken last month, you see I have a good crop of grass growing! It has since been pulled up by hand and the entire garden is mulched.

Here is a little plant that grows next to the Lentin Rose. It blooms in the autumn, and has not yet been identified. These gardens hold many surprises.

I planted sweet peas at the base of the tower last winter. They are now coming up and smell so nice.

This part of the garden is visible from the kitchen.

I remember the first time we drove into the driveway, nearly two years ago, how my breath was taken away at the possibilities this place offered.

This is an unidentified perenial in the east garden.

Here is another one as it emerged from it's winter retreat.

These seed pods were found on the ground where it had been last winter.

These become . . .


Here's what it looks like in full bloom!

Every day I marvel that God has allowed me to live here ~ the home in the country my dear husband and I have dreamed of all our married life.


Paula said...

Dear Sharon,
I enjoyed seeing your garden so much! I am glad your sweet peas are doing well. The flower with the purple blooms is lovely! Your home is so beautiful!

I am so very happy the Lord blessed you and your husband with your dream home in the country!!!


Maggie Ann said...

Sharon, I love your love of things! Small things bring big blessings don't they!