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Monday, July 14, 2008

Sewing and Such

Welcome to all of you! It is such a treat to be able to show you into my sewing room!
I'm so thankful for this room, as it was built for me by my dear son, Trevor, his Daddy and brothers.

My little sewing corner is set up on an old treadle base topped with an old piece of marble. It was in "Bea's" house. There is room for the machine and serger both.
On the little table beside it is a wooden work-box that belonged to my Mother. I believe she put sewing items in it. I have no idea where it came from, but was always there. I use it for all those things you need right at the machine.

Over the machine is a reprint of Johanna Bluedorn Stanford's "Fine Cloth in Many Colors Bright". You may find it here.

This little picture by artist Bessie Pease Gutmann pairs so nicely with the lovely wall quilt dear Paula did for me.

It's so nice to have the ironing board remain up all the time. You've seen the post about the ironing board cover in a previous post. The old cast iron ironing board was ~ you guessed it! Bea's!

I find myself enchanted by this picture. It depicts the culmination of the time a mother has with her daughter. Oh Mothers ~ and daughters ~ time can never be retrieved. Be together as long as the Lord allows you. There is little that will benefit you both more than time spent together in mutual respect and humility.

The room was designed around this six-foot long chest of drawers. My Dad used it in his wood-working shop to store his goodies in.
I use it to store all my sewing fabric, patterns, supplies, and vintage magazines in.

This was an old kitchen hutch a neighbor was throwing away. It was pretty sorry, but it's a keeper now! In my next blog-post, I'll show you what's inside!
On top of it is an unusual cardboard dress form.

Here it is from the door. A place to call "My Own".
(But visitors, helpers, and learners are all encouraged to stay!)

My thanks to my one and only sweet sister-in-law, for her contribution!


Shan said...


What a lovely sewing room....thank you for the tour!

I too love to sew along side my Dear Daughter (now 22). We are blessed to have time to spend together!

Yours kindredly,

Anonymous said...

Hi Sharon,
How pretty. Thank you giving us a tour. I have been sprucing up my sewing room today.

Paula said...

Dear Sweet Sharon.
I so enjoyed my visit to your incredibly beautiful sewing room! How wonderful that Trevor, your husband and boys all helped to build it! I would feel very welcome there. The pink painted walls are so pretty, and all the lovely decorations. I love how you displayed the little quilt and even added the ribbon and little card. How thoughtful you are. I love the Bessie Pease Gutmann print and Johanna Bluedorn Stanford's art work is so lovely and old-fashioned. Wouldn't it be fun to shop in a fabric store like that?

The old hat boxes, hat, and gloves are so charming and add such a vintage appeal to your sewing room. I, too, have my Bernina sewing machine and serger side by side. I like the stand you have yours own and would love to hear more about Bea! The wooden work box of your mother's is in the perfect spot. That has given me a wonderful idea, as I would love to have my sewing things out and easily accessible rather than digging through a drawer! The lace cloth under it adds a sweet touch. Everything is so neat and well organized. The windows are incredible and not only afford you a good view but allow so much natural light into your sewing room. I love how your chair covers look and the ironing board cover too. You did such a good job sewing them. I am so glad you can leave that pretty cast iron ironing board out to use and admire.

Such a lovely painting and lovely thoughts on time spent between a mother and daughter.

The long chest of drawers is a wonderful spot to keep all your sewing essentials and vintage magazines in. I especially like that your dad used it in his wood-working shop and that you are now using it.

You did a fantastic job of restoring the old kitchen hutch. It is a thing of beauty and I can hardly wait until your next post to see what's inside!!! The cardboard form and basket on top are perfect and I like the stack of baskets next to it.

Well, as you can see, dear friend, I am thrilled over your sewing room. I see your lovely vintage machine is set up and Miss Ashley's too. What a delightful and charming room to sew in. I am very happy for you and am so inspired! Your post was beautiful and I thank you so much for sharing a part of your beautiful home.

Your sweet sister-in-laws contribution is lovely!

Love you,

Anonymous said...

Oh what a beautiful room! I just love it. It's so feminine and roomy! Very nice. I love all the little sewing "stuff" you've taken photos of! Thanks for sharing!

Paula said...

Dear Sharon,

I love the the new look of your blog! It is so pretty, feminine and old-fashioned!!!
Just lovely!!!