Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Sewing Hutch Tour

It is so nice of you to return to my sewing room to explore the contents of "The Little Sewing Hutch". I've been collection sewing items from "the old days"for quite a few years now. I just cringe at the idea of people trashing these items just because they have out-lived their use.

There are several "collections" within this collection.

Here are some of the items "Bea" left in our other house. There are old well-worn pearl buttons in the square candy tin. The red oriental tin contains other interesting buttons that appear to have come off old garments.
In front is a number of plastic thimbles with the names of local political candidates from Greenville's past.

This shelf contains old notions, pressing cloth, tracing paper, etc. in addition to a basket full of old threads and carded buttons.

I purchased this box of "Lily boil-proof thread" from a yard sale of an elderly lady in our neighborhood. They are in their original box and were manufactured in Shelby, NC.
The boxes of embroidery floss are a recent find during a recent antiquing adventure!

This shelf contains the contents of a package I received in 2005 from a dear lady I have known most all my life. She now resides in the Upper Peninsula, but she has delighted in sending me "goodies" over the years.
She found an old basket laying in someones pile of trash and happened to pick it up. She sent me part of the contents of that basket. I hope to share more of this with you some day.

These are some odds and ends. In the glass container hiding behind the beautifully wrought lavender sachet made by my dear friend, Paula, is a cotton boll. 26 years ago, my dear husband and I were traveling down a highway here in the area we now live, and he stopped the car on the edge of the road next to a field of cotton. He got out and plucked this one for me. At that time, there were still cotton fields here and there in this area. During Bea's days, cotton was king~it was grown all over the country side. Now, you will rarely find such a thing.

Do you ever try to imagine the way people lived "back then"? I'm sure it was much simpler. There were fewer choices. There was a lot less to distract a homemaker.
In our ultra-modern world, we as homemakers must continually keep focused on our purpose. To love our husbands and children. To keep our homes.


Sabine said...

Dear Sharon,

I have been thoroughly enjoying my tour of your blog, which I just found yesterday. How did you hide from me? ~smile~

I used to watch Victory Garden every week. I love to garden! In case anyone hasn't identified the blue flower yet, it is Tradescantia, commonly known as spiderwort. You had a picture of another bush of lovely blue flowers. I've never seen them before, but the leaves and flowers lead me to believe it is a type of legume.

Your sewing room is so sweet! I love the chair covers and all the lovely old things.

BC, Canada

Heather said...

My daughter and I loved all of your vintage sewing treasures!! Thank you for sharing them.

Love, Heather

Mrs. Maybrook said...

What a delightful collection. You have displayed it beautifully. Thank you for sharing.

Sharon said...

Dear Sabine,
Thank you for visiting! And from Canada at that! I so appreciate your identifying Tradescantia. I did a quick google search, and yes, you are right! Thank you for your help!

Sarah said...

Thank you for your sweet note, Mrs. Castlebury, and for adding my website to your links! You have a lovely blog, and I look forward to looking through it. :)

Sharon said...

Dear Heather,

Thank you for the visit you and your daughter have made to my blog! It does my heart good to know that someone else appreciates these old sewing items. If they could only talk!

Sharon said...

Dear Heather,

Thank you for the visit you and your daughter have made to my blog! It does my heart good to know that someone else appreciates these old sewing items. If they could only talk!

Sharon said...

Thank you Sarah. I really should have asked you first if you would mind if I put a link to you from here. Thank you for your visit!

Sarah said...

That is perfectly fine that you did not ask me beforehand, Mrs. Castlebury! :)

Miss Jocelyn said...

Very pretty. I love looking at your photo. So homey and vintage! :)

Miss Jocelyn

Tina said...

Hello, I found you via your daughter's blog, which I came upon via another lady's blog! I've enjoyed my visit here so much! I hope you can stop by and visit me some time!

Love, Tina :)

Paula said...

Dear Sharon,

Thank you so much for sharing your pretty sewing hutch full of old sewing treasures!!! I love to collect old sewing things and think of the women that so lovingly used them to make garments for their family and pretty things for their homes. You have a wonderful collection!

I do imagine the way people lived "back then" and I do believe it was far more simpler than it is today and as you said, there was a lot less to distract the homemaker.

Thank you for your encouragement for us to keep focused on our purpose of loving our husbands, children and keeping our homes. Beautifully worded!
Love you,

theshepherdshouse said...

Dear Sharon,

I have loved seeing your beautiful sewing hutch! It is so pretty and inspiring! You have collected so many special treasures that must bring you so much delight!

Thank you so much for sharing!

Blessings to you,