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Friday, September 14, 2007

End Of Summer

This morning as I saw my dear husband off to work, I stood enjoying the peace of the morning. Somehow, I felt inclined to take a walk down to the pond to check the water level. We haven't had any rain in a long time. Around the tiny pond was evidence of my 11 year-old son's adventures with nature. The canoe was unteathered, and various plastic containers were littering the shore. It looked as if a hobo lived there! But alas! This is Sayre's domain at this point in his life, and I'm so glad he is making giant discoveries and conducting important experiments of this type.
From the pond, I walked to my flower garden. I decided to go ahead and dead-head the zinnias and bachelor's buttons. Ashley and I enjoy harvesting seed for the next season. But dead-heading also promotes new blooms. So that is what I did.
The end of summer. . . an opportunity to thank God for His wonderful goodness and daily care.
An opportunity to look forward to the new season ahead.

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