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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

It's Those Little Things We Remember

When I see a roll of waxed paper, I always think of my Mother. She passed away almost two years ago, and I think of her often.
She always stayed at home, even though so many women of her generation began going off to the workplace. I think she realized she had enough work to do at home to keep her busy! I am grateful for her faithfulness to our family.
Dad was the breadwinner, and he worked hard. He was a man's man. Being a pipe fitter in the steel industry, he always traveled a great distance every day to work, which meant he had to leave very early in the morning. Mom always was up with him, getting his lunchbox ready, and feeding him breakfast. She really took good care of him.

Now, Mom did not use those new-fangled plastic bags to pack Dad's sandwiches in. She used Cutrite waxed paper. I remember watching her wrap his sandwiches; it was almost like watching an artist. Her capable hands folded and wrapped like she was wrapping a gift.
This simple memory of my Mother's care for her husband (and us-we carried her sandwiches to school) has been one of those little "lights" along the way to help me remember the care that I am to show for my husband and children. Little things do mean a lot!

Preparing Trevor's Lunch:

MMMM! That bacon frying is enough to make your mouth water!

Slice the bread nice and thin!

You just have to have a tomato with bacon!

Now! It's time to think of Mom. Wrap it up carefully. Don't you enjoy the crinkly sound of the paper as you fold it?

There it is. I just made a memory.

Life is good!

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