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Saturday, September 1, 2007

Our First Year In The Country!

Exactly one year ago today, we left the city . . .

for our Dream Come True . . . our home in the country!
God is ALWAYS good, no matter what our circumstances. He just IS! When He gives you the desires of your heart, though, it causes your heart to well up inside for gratitude because He granted your desire ~ simply because He delights in delighting us!

See my happy, exausted face! It's so much fun to get the kitchen organized!

Our new place was once the home of Savory Farms, owned and operated by Jim and Jane Wilson. Mr. Wilson also hosted a PBS television show called The Victory Garden here sometime during the 1980's. This is the remains of one of the two greenhouses they had.

The Lord even provided the future home of The Wash Basin!

A country home would not be complete without an out house, of course!

Don't worry- Collin is fine. He just got to messing around . . . HEY! THAT'S MY BIKE!

We'll end on this note! Life IS good!


Tina said...

LOL! My son asked if Collin was dead!

It is wonderful how the Lord provided for you! I would love to live in the country one day!

Sharon said...

After posting that picture, Ashley reminded me that Trevor was the casualty in that picture-not Collin! Trevor is a really funny 20 year old-he actually staged that picture, using MY "coaster brake bike" to antagonize me! It worked. . .

Ashley said...

Mom-the boys and I had so much fun staging those pictures!! I've considered turning the "Bike Wreck" into a postcard with "so... how was your day?" on the front!!
I'm so thankful that the Lord finally provided our home out in the country! I love the early mornings and the evenings when everything is quieting down or waking up! I love the different opportunities that have come our way and I can't wait to see what else the Lord see's fit to bring our way!